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About Us

Are pests, insects or rodents bugging you? Pestbugs is here to provide you with the most accurate and in-depth information, tips , facts and advice on how to identify, get rid and prevent these pesky creatures.

Our authors have a mission to take an evidence-based approach to research thoroughly and present information in a simple format that you can understand in the shortest time possible.

We make every effort to remain objective as we present factual information on pest control subjects you spend a lot of time researching on yet you don’t find direct answers online.

Product Reviews  

We buy and test  pest control products to help you make the right decision while shopping for these items. Our goal is to help you effortlessly select the best product on the market that works.

Collaboration with Industry Experts

Pestbugs is not here to compete with industry leaders but rather to improve pest control solutions while creating a higher value for clients.

Collaboration has also helped us to share resources, enhance expertise and opportunities as well as building strong relationships

We have partners from all around the globe and we are still open for more.

How to Contact Us
If you have a suggestion, a question or anything else you think we should know send us an email to info@pestbugs.org or simply use our CONTACT US page to reach us