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About dust mite-appearance, where they come from, signs, what they eat, gallery and harmful effects

Can you See Dust Mites? Pictures, They look like, Habitat, Food...

Dust mites are microscopic and that means you cannot see them with your naked eye. The only way to see them is by using...
Dust mite bite pictures, symptoms and treatment

Dust Mite Bites, Pictures, Signs + Ridding

The truth is that dust mites do not bite but rather cause an allergic reaction when they come into contact with your skin. They...
How to get rid of dust mite naturally and kill with chemicals

How to get rid of Dust Mites- Natural Remedies & Chemicals

The number of people who suffer from dust mite allergies continues to increase. For this reason, there is a need to find ways that...
Dust mite vs Bed bug bites

Dust Mite vs Bed Bug Bites

In most cases, dust mites are easily confused with bed bugs. Bed bugs do actually bite, suck some blood and cause irritation while dust...
dust mite allergy rash symptoms and treatment

Dust Mite Allergy- Rash, Symptoms, Get Rid & Prevent

Dust mites result to an allergy referred to as dust mite allergy. Humans and pets such as dogs and cats are prone to this...
Best Essential Oils to get rid of dust mites+ recipes

Essentials Oils for Dust Mites

Essential oils are obtained from plants and studies show that these oils are of great value when dealing with dust mites. In most cases, essential...


What does a termite look like in size, color and picture

What do Termites look like? Pictures, Size, Color & Look-alikes

Termites are small yet very destructive insects.  Since they share some features with several other insects in terms of appearance, it is important to...
Termite facts and frequently asked questions

Termites: Where From, Habitat, Eat, Noise, Types +more!

Studies on termites continue to be carried out all over the world. Here are some facts and frequently asked questions what exactly termites are,...
Subterranean Termite swarmer, pictures, facts & distribution

Subterranean Termites Swarmers Treatment Cost, Damages & Pictures

Subterranean termites are known to be amongst the largest colony builders. Find out how to identify the swarmer, photos, distribution all over the world,...