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How to get rid of Sweat Bees in Pool & Yard

If you’ve ever been followed by a sweat bee, you know how irritating that buzzing sound is. What’s worse, it tends to prey on your sweat when you’re tired and vulnerable as well; hence the name sweat bee. Here’s an in-depth look at how you can get rid of these insects in your pool or yard, and how you can prevent them from further infesting your home.

How to get rid of Sweat Bees.

Since you now know what the sweat bee is, let’s have a look at ways you can use to get rid of them. There are four distinct ways you can use; by

  • Killing
  • Trapping
  • Repelling
  • Extermination
How to get rid of sweat bee in the pool and home yard
A picture of a sweat bee

Here is a step by step guide on how you can get rid of sweat bees using either of these solutions above.


Sometimes the best thing you can do is to simply kill the insect and not have to think about it coming back. You will have greatly reduced the responsibility of having to set traps and having to make repellents and other preventive measures to protect your pool or yard. If you’re looking to kill the sweat bees, here are simple things you can do.

DIY Homemade Dish Soap Spray

Dish soap liquids have an active ingredient called Borax. With small quantities added to your spray, it can act as an insecticide; killing all the sweat bees in seconds. To make the DIY dish soap, add about three tablespoons of dish soap in a container, twice cups of warm water, and mix. Add the solution in the spray bottle and spray away.

Using Insecticides

If homemade remedies or DIY ideas are not your cups of tea, you can simply get a store-bought insecticide. Check on the ingredients and purpose of the chemical and use it to get rid of the persistent bees. The downside of using chemically made insecticides is the awful smell and harmful chemicals that you could inhale or accidentally spray yourself.

Stay clear from spraying yourself or coming into close contact with the chemicals. Also if you’ll be spraying inside your home, ensure you properly ventilate the house to diffuse the chemicals away. Otherwise, it’s also an instant relief for getting rid of these insects.

Using An Electric Bat

Lastly, you can get an electric bat. The stinging effect of am electric shot on an insect kills them instantly. If you don’t know what they are, they look similar to a badminton racket; very tiny mesh and very small spacing. This is to ensure the insects don’t pass through as you’re trying to catch them.

The swatter bat usually has an on and off switch which you only use when you want to attack the insect. A voltage power of between  1000 and 2500 V DC is sufficient to do the task.

To kill the insect, simply swing the bat in the direction of the sweat bee and done. The electrode will shock the sweat bee once it gets into contact. A spark may also be seen if the bat comes into contact with an electric item.


Since sweat bees are such excellent pollinators, you may hold off on the idea of killing them. Simply trapping them can be a good way to store them for your agricultural purposes. You can opt to buy a ready-made trap from the store, or simply make one yourself; cheap and easy.

Using Sugar Solution

Remember the part I mentioned sweat bees are quite similar to honey bees? Well, you can use that mechanism here. In order to trap the bees, you have to attract them first. Simply take a sugar solution or honey and place it on a piece of paper or plate, or wherever else you want to trap the bee.

Then make a cone-shaped paper to act as the trap, once the bee gets close to the honey, the paper will drop sealing the bee inside. A downside to this method is that since some sweat bees fly in groups, it will be inefficient in catching them.

Luckily, you can use a fly trap, large enough to capture an entire group of sweat bees, plus, you can exchange the bait and trap every day so you keep catching new bees every single day.

Wuhostam Plastic Wasp Trap

This is a type of premade trap for insects such as the sweat bee that uses a sugary solution such as honey or glucose to attract and trap the insects. Even though it’s similar to the above technique, it works great on a large scale and it can be placed in various areas in your home.

Using Carnivores Plants

Do you know what a carnivores plant is? Well, it’s a type of plant that tends to trap any insect that comes seeking pollen from it. It’s hairy and has an open and close mechanism. Anything that touches the outside of the plant gets sucked in, or rather folded in seconds.

As unsuspecting as they look, they tend to lure insects to the plant especially pollinators that seek nectar and other sweet-smelling plants. Once the insect lands, the carnivorous plant will then trap the insect and the only way out is if you open the trap yourself. An excellent way to let nature do its work.


Another great way to get rid of the sweat bees is to repel them altogether. There’s nothing worse than having to swing your hand left to right trying to chase the bees away. In this section, you can use organic repellents or once get from the store. It also doesn’t involve killing hence the safest way to get rid of them.

Using Mint

Mint plants such as peppermint have a pleasant and aromatic smell that’s not only soothing when used as a body stimulant in a drink but can be used to repel these annoying insects. Historically, they have been one of the best medicinal herbs used to cure various diseases but in this case, they also play am excellent role as repellents.

The best way to use them is to grow then in your yard, or garden. The aroma it emits is enough to control and repel the sweat bees as they will want to go as far as they can from that environment. You can also make a mint rub or paste to apply to omit yourself so as to prevent yourself from bee attacks and stings. Besides, the essence of the herb will be a great addition to your skin.

Using Sweat Bee Repellers

If you go to the store, there are numerous bee repellents you will find. For example, the sweat bee controlHot Shot Strip is an electronic bug repellent. It’s excellent for indoors as it only emits a vapor that repels the sweat bees from getting inside the house.

A single strip can last you over three months. The best feature of this repellent is the technology it uses; minimum effort, maximum results. Plus, it doesn’t emit any odors, it’s ecologically, and has a wider penetration compared to the mint sprays; about 2000 square feet which can reach areas the spray couldn’t

Hiring a Sweat Bee Exterminator

If you’re not willing to indulge in all these works, simply hire an exterminator. The pest control specialists can eliminate all the bees as well as other preying insects from your home in just one visit. If you suspect you could be harboring large colonies of these bees in your home, then the best solution is to get a professional to do the work.

Preventive Measures

There’s a saying that goes by better safe than sorry. I can only imagine how painful the female sting is and hoe infuriating one can get just thinking how they could have avoided this entire situation. So if you don’t want to sing yourself in such a situation, here are preventive measures you can abide by to keep yourself safe and protected.

  • Create an inhabitable environment for the sweat bees. They love humidity and dampness, take that away by draining water adequately, taking down its nests, and covering and ground homes they could have.
  • Remove any dead trees and stump from your home as these are also pleasant breeding grounds for them. Ensure they will not have any either area to run off to once destroy their original habitats.
  • Take away any debris, stale water, or solitary spaces in your yard.
  • Add mulch in the garden. with the aim to destroy hospitable areas for these critters.
  • Add plants and flowers to any unattended areas of the garden.

Are Sweat Bees Bad?

There not as bad as other flying insects but one thing you can be sure about is that they are very irritating. The constant buzzing and the following is something you would definitely want to get rid of. Otherwise, they aren’t as harmful as wasps and other stinging insects.

Do Sweat Bees Sting?

Yes, the female sweat bee sting but only when extremely disturbed. These bees are not considered as aggressive. In fact, they will insert venom onto your skin the second it stings, and will continuously pump the venom in until you get it off.

Saying No to Sweat Bees

The only way you can be sure you are safe from these insects is to ensure there are no suitable breeding grounds for them in your home. Using these tips above, you can easily get rid of them and prevent any further infestation.

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