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Dust Mite vs Bed Bug Bites

In most cases, dust mites are easily confused with bed bugs. Bed bugs do actually bite, suck some blood and cause irritation while dust mites do not bite at all. The effects of dust come as a result of allergic reactions.

Following are details on how to tell the differences.

How do the bites of bed bugs and dust mites compare?

You must keep in mind that dust mites do no bite and what is referred to as dust mite bites is actually the allergic reaction they cause. However, bed bugs will actually bite you when they come into contact with your skin.

The allergic reaction that comes with dust mites may have similar characteristics to the bed bug bites symptoms.

Dust mite bites photo
Dust mite bites photo

Dust mite bites leave a red itchy skin with small red patches. The patches left on your skin by bed bugs when they bite you are very similar to those of dust mites.

Bed bug bites are characterized by red itchy bumps which are slightly larger than those of dust mites.

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Bites from bed bugs

While the patches or small bumps caused by dust mites on your skin are scattered, those of bed bugs are usually in a line.

That is the easiest feature to look out for when differentiating the rash caused by dust mites from that which is caused by bed bug bites.

If you cannot explain the source of the bite or rash below is a video with ideas.

Differences Between a Dust Mite & Bed Bugs


Dust mites are described as microscopic organisms belonging to the arachnid family. They are not visible to the naked eye. Their bodies are translucent, adult dust mites are about 0.5 mm long, they have no antennae and they have eight legs.

Bed bugs on the other hand are classified as insects. They have six legs, they have antennae, they are brown-red in color and their bodies are flat. Although bed bugs are very small, they are not as small as dust mites and they are therefore visible to the naked eye. An adult bed bug is about 5mm long.

Where to find the organism

Dust mites are found in almost all places in your home. However, the main places that you find dust mites are the bedroom, living room and kitchen. This means they love to stay in the places that are used in most times.

Bed bugs on the other hand love places that are hardly touched or used. This is because they need to hide during the day since they are mostly active at night.

They are mostly spotted in the bedroom. They live in any small crevices around your bed such as in the wooden bed frames, bedding, and headboards.

What they eat

Dust mites survive on dead skin shed by pets and human beings. Since skin is always shed, dust mites always have food to eat. Dust mites prefer to stay in places where you will most likely spend your time because you always leave behind so much dead skin.

Bed bugs on the other hand survive on blood. They feed on the blood of mammals that are warm blooded.  Bed bugs hide during the day and they show up at night to feast on your when you are in bed.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful information. I got so many things Learn today as my daughter always having rash on her hands we did many doctors for treatment most of them don’t understand it. Now i know what causes it. Because we have lots of dust bunnies around the room. Thank you.


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