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Termite Bond Cost, Benefits

Some pest control companies offer termite bonds. Find out more about the cost, what they constitute and how they are beneficial

What is a termite Bond?

A termite bond is an agreement or a warranty between you and your insurance company. Some people describe termite bond as a maintenance contract.

termite bond cost and benefits


This contract constitutes of two major agreements. Firstly, this contract requires that the termite company will inspect your house thoroughly for as long as the contract is still valid.

Secondly, the contract entails an agreement that the company will offer treatment and necessary control should termites be discovered to be a problem in your house.

When getting into a contract with a termite company, it is important to agree on whether the company will only offer retreatment services or it will offer damage repairs as well.

Termite bond vs a termite letter

Some people confuse a termite bond for a termite letter.

A termite letter unlike a termite bond is a statement that shows whether or not a house if free of termite infestation following an inspection.


Termite bonds come with a number of benefits and below are two of the main benefits;

  • It serves as a guarantee that your house will be kept free of termites as the pest control company keeps an eye to ensure no new infestations come up after a treatment.
  • Termite bonds are crucial for homeowners who intend to sell their homes or for people who want to buy homes. They act as an assurance that any pests like termites are well taken care of and the buyers need not to fear the future.


Termite bonds are only issued by pest control companies which are certified. Termite bond cost will vary depending on a number of factors such as how long the bond is intended to last. The longer the bond lasts, the higher the cost.

The estimated initial price at which termite bonds are offered is at least $700 and at most $1000. This may however be lower depending on arrangements made.

A range of $300 to $400 is given as the yearly range of warranty coverage. This is inclusive of an annual inspection where it is needed

Terminix and other Termite Bond Companies

Terminix have a plan for subterranean termites where they conduct a free inspection. The inspection is done each year as part of renewal and if these insects are discovered during re-inspection, treatment is offered at no additional cost.

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