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Bed Bug Poop/Droppings-How it looks like, Pictures +Identification

Bed bugs feed on a blood meal and so after bed bugs bite you, they later leave behind droppings which constitute digested blood.  Bed bug poop is used as one of the signs in identifying the presence of bed bugs. For this to be successful, you will need to know how exactly bed bug droppings look like, where to find them and how to clean them out.

What do the Bed Bug Droppings look Like?

Bed bugs will leave these droppings in form of tarry tiny spots on your bed or even clothes and furniture. Once the droppings dry up, they are no longer the color of blood but rather, they turn black. The normal color of bed bug feces is hence either dark red or black.

Bed bug feces

The droppings are also found to have rust color in the case where they do not turn black. The droppings are the size of a dot from a marker pen.  Bed bug droppings can be found anywhere in your house.

Since the bed bug droppings may sometimes resemble the droppings from other insects, you are asked to use the droppings together with other signs such as bed bug eggs to determine whether or not your house is infested.

Pictures of Bed Bug Poop

The following are images of bed bug droppings.

Bed bug poop on wall
Excretion on wall
Bed bug droppings on pillow, beddings
Droppings on beddings
Sheet bed bug poop stains
Feces & Stains on sheet
Bed bug poop on wood
Droppings on Wood

Are Bed Bug Feces hard or soft?

Bed bug feces are not hard. Most people report that the droppings feel soft and when touched, they are likely to smear. These droppings are sticky to some degree. However, the consistency of bed bug feces may vary.

Are Bed Bug Feces a Health Hazard?

Exposure to a heavy concentration of bed bug excretion is definitely bad for your health. Studies show that histamine, a chemical that is released in bed bug feces, can trigger an allergic reaction in humans.

Does Bed Bug Poop Smell?

Yes, bed bug excretion smells. How it depends on the size and duration of the infestation. A huge infestation for a while can generate a smell. The odor is described in many different ways and has been compared to the smell of coriander, an herb

Inspecting for Bed Bug Excretion

The droppings can be found almost everywhere. Wherever bed bugs move, they will poop. However, the droppings are most likely to be found in the areas where they have been established, such as a mattress, pillow, sheets, walls or piece of furniture.

Cleaning Off and Getting Rid of Bed Bug Poop

The best way to prevent and do away with huge collection of bed bug poop and stains is to be as proactive as possible.
The longer the you let them stay the more the accumulation of excretion which means deeper and tough stains on fabric.

To remove the droppings clean and vacuum the areas where you have noticed feces. This will remove the droppings, adult bed bugs and any eggs in those areas

To clean poop and stains on walls simply wipe down the wall with warm, soapy water. You can as well use a mild detergent and water. Also check and clean out the cracks and repair them.

For Stained fabric bedding, Rinse the fabric under cool water then it gently. This should remove most of the stain. If it does not work, apply the enzyme based stain remover. Wait for a few minutes then rinse it out.

You can also try to rinse out fabric blood stains using club soda/baking soda or hydrogen peroxide.
Avoid heat or warm water on stained fabric as this will make the staining even worse.

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