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Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs-How to Use & Best Reviews

A number of authentic sources indicated that diatomaceous earth commonly known as bed bug powder can be an effective remedy for getting rid of bed bugs. Read on find out how it works, how to use it safely and the best and reviews.

Diatomaceous earth bed bugs Treatment

It is a naturally occurring substance that emanates from the sedimentary rock. The rock often crumbles into fine white powder. The powder has a feel of abrasion and it is light because it is highly porous.

The diatomaceous signifies remains of fossils of the long dead aquatic organisms that are known as diatoms. Theses remains are made up of silica which is one of the commonest natural substances. Diatomaceous is a very effective home remedy for the elimination of bedbugs.

How to use diatomaceous earth for bed bugs
Diatomaceous earth

Getting rid of bedbugs invites the thought of the use of very hazardous chemicals. The challenge is that the chemicals make the problem even worse or don’t work at all. Basing on research, Diatomaceous is a fantastic possible natural remedy that is suitable for bedbugs.

According to Changlu Wang, Timothy Gibb, and Gary W. Bennett from Purdue University, diatomaceous earth is an excellent remedy in getting rid of bedbugs from infested apartments. This is based on their various tests that they carried out.[1]

How does  powder/dust kill bed bugs?

It is very easy and straight forward to use this powder for bed bug elimination. All that is needed is a small amount of the powder and an applicator. You will not be required to add any chemical or any other ingredient for it to work. Apart from being effective, it is also cheap when compared to other methods.

Each particle of the diatomaceous earth has small/microscopic sharp edges. When you expose bedbugs to these edges, their exoskeletons get eviscerated. Because of the drying action of the diatomaceous earth, the bedbugs dry out and then finally die.

The biggest advantage of using diatomaceous earth is that it works by physically killing the bedbugs. This implies that there is no risk of toxicity that can come with the use of chemicals. The earth also works for a longer time without losing its killing power.

Effectiveness-How long/fast does it take?

Diatomaceous earth can stay for a long time without losing its potency. You can use the Earth because it sets up barriers against the bedbugs.

This therefore implies that it is very effective. It is hard in this case for the bedbugs to develop resistance as in the case of chemical treatments. Once you apply the Diatomaceous earth, it will work for the entire time.

After applying the DE on the infested area, it begins to absorb the body fluids of the bedbugs but will not let the bedbugs go until they are dead. There are pesticides that may chase the bed bugs but the bad news is that they are bound to return.

The use of a professional bedbug exterminator costs about $500 to $1,500. The use of a bedbug heater is also expensive. It will cost about $300. On the other hand, a diatomaceous earth costs about $20.

How to use diatomaceous earth for bed bugs

Dematiaceous Earth is very safe when used. You should be careful to put on a mask so as to avoid inhaling the dust. The following is a short procedure which you should follow when dealing with the bedbug nightmare:

  1. Apply the Diatomaceous Earth to the areas that are infested by the bedbugs i.e. walls, cracks, door jams and even rung holders. In this case, you could use an applicator stick
  2. Then, remove electrical faceplates and go ahead to use an applicator to introduce the DE behind switches of electricity and sockets.
  3. It is good for you to use the DE for about a week. Afterwards, you can remove this from the site by the use of a dump cloth, a vacuum without a filter or a broom. Be careful when using the vacuum filter because the DE is abrasive and may damage it.

Alternatively, the following stepwise approach is also useful:

  1. To begin, steam your home using a steamer. This is because the bedbugs cannot survive at a temperature above 130 degrees Fahrenheit for even a few hours. Also, you can go ahead and steam clean the furniture and all the linens.
  2. After that, wash all your fabrics using very high or very low temperatures. Having done that, dry it on high heat and then store the fabrics in plastic bags that are sealed.
  3. The next step is to vacuum your entire home. Give the carpets more attention and vacuum them thoroughly. Dismantle your furniture as much as you can and then vacuum them especially along the seams and the frames. Only reassemble your furniture after completely vacuuming your entire house.
  4. Your home is now ready for applying diatomaceous earth. The earth will work as a preventive and treatment remedy. Apply the earth using the steps outlined above.
  5. Finally, clean up the entire operation surface. It is recommended that you leave the diatomaceous earth for as long as possible. The DE kills bedbugs within a short time, but it might take a while for all the bedbugs to get exposed. It also might take time because the powder only handles adult bedbugs and spares the young ones. This therefore should justify the reason for adequate time is required.
  6. In the event that the bugs persist in terrorizing you, then it is prudent to repeat the steam cleaning, vacuuming, washing and application of the diatomaceous earth till the bugs are out of your sight. This prevents any future infestations.

The main idea to the application is to make the movement of the bedbugs impossible by spraying the DE on their paths. The following are some of the tips that you can use so as to get the best results when applying the diatomaceous earth.

  • Ensure that the DE is in very fine powder i.e. micronized. Bedbugs would comfortably walk on large sized DE.
  • Only use small amounts of the DE. Large amounts would make the bedbugs to spread about and thus cause more harm.
  • Only apply the powder on areas that cannot be blown out by the air.
  • Avoid using the DE on smooth surfaces like furniture and mattresses. These surfaces make the dust to be airborne and could thus cause you harm. You should use steamers in case of these surfaces.
  • Always have protective gear when handling the diatomaceous earth.

Safer & Best diatomaceous earth for bed bugs

There are a number of brands of the DE that exist on the market. This thus leaves you with a big dilemma on the best brand to choose for your use. It is therefore important to look into some key issues. Here are a number of them:

The quality. Always look out for the brand that has the EPA and the FDA certification. This assures you of the unlikely occurrence of dangerous side effects. You will thus have the confidence to use it.

The pricing. Ensure that you have a product that is cost effective but quality. Most brands are sold in 1 to 50 lbs. packets. Always look for the most favorable and competitive price.

Choose a product that is organic. You will know a product is organic if it has the certification from Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). The product has very few side effects if any.[2]

How good is the food grade diatomaceous earth for bed bugs?

Food grade diatomaceous earth is a powder that is rich in silica gel. This powder has about 85% of silicon dioxide and it has attracted attention because of its nontoxic and less side effects when used. It is a potent pest controller and in this case bedbug controller because of its dehydrating properties.

Food grade diatomaceous earth
Food grade DE

This approach is synonymous to the use of silica gel in pest control by many professional pest control companies. The very sharp edges of the silica gel dissect deep into the skeleton of the bugs and then end up killing it. When the silica gel removes the exoskeleton, the bugs are left exposed to the external environment and they will then lose moisture.

Brands overview

Harris diatomaceous earth bed bug killer

This is a remedy that is made to mostly kill adult bedbugs, nymphs and hatchlings. It is very long lasting when you use it dry. Keeping it dry is the only sure way of having it remain effective. This is a great way of preventing future infestation.

This remedy is used in combination with other bedbug killers like killer trigger sprays and aerosol sprays to handle the bugs in the mattresses and box springs. This product is packaged in an 8-oz. bottle and it comes in a ready to use puffer bottle.

Harris diatomaceous earth

Red lake earth diatomaceous earth

This is a unique type that is a naturally occurring type of the powder. It is a blend of diatomaceous earth and montmorillonite. It has the approval of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, despite the fact that it is used as anticaking and a pelleting aid in animal feeds.[3]

Safer Brand Diatomaceous Earth – Bed Bug,Crawling Insect Killer 4 lb.

This is not only effective for bedbugs, but also fleas, roaches, ants and earwigs. It has about 4 pounds of diatomaceous earth per bag. It is known to kill the bugs within a period of 48 hours after its application. It works effectively both indoors and outdoors. It is easy to use and can be applied to all the places that the insects hide.

Once the insects make contact with the powder, they die on the spot. This DE is non-staining and lacks any odor. This therefore gives you the courage to use it at home without any fear. Keep in mind that you should apply the powder after it is washed away or when it rains.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 lb.

It is made up of tiny, fossilized planktons (diatoms) that are found in the millennia amounts in fresh water lakes. This powder when mined and then left untreated for some time, you can use it in a number of different ways. The powder has very fine particles and because it is packaged in packets of 10 pounds, it is easy to transport them around.

Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth Powder 1/2 LB, Fast Kill with Extended Residual Protection

This is a comprehensive kind of powder that you can use to kill the bedbugs that are found in the hard to reach areas of your home. It has a puffer tip and this makes it very easy to use right away. It is a very fast acting agent and it kills the bugs within 48 hours.

Besides, this powder is very beneficial because it continues to kill the bedbugs for weeks even after the application. It has the approval status by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be used as a pesticide in homes. It is listed with the Organic Minerals Research Institute.

Reviews & Success Stories from users

There are a number of positive reviews that point out to the great benefits of diatomaceous earth in doing away with the bedbugs. According to the bad bed bugs website, a review by T.M supports the use of diatomaceous earth for bed bugs. He says, that he had been terrorized by the bedbugs for a while but after using the DE, the bedbugs disappeared. “……1-month total to get rid of a medium bed bug infestation – well worth the time”

On Amazon, a number of online customers also praise the use of diatomaceous earth for bugs. For in instance, a customer called Kindle on August 27th, 2017 exclaims that the powder works for bedbugs. He narrates the great benefits but advises that the product should not be left in custody of children. This customer however raises concern that most of the products bought are not 100% diatomaceous earth as advertised. …… “Also, this product is not 100% diatomaceous earth as advertised.” He gives it a 5-star rating all the same.

Where to buy, Walmart, depot etc.

There are different stores and platforms from which you can obtain your own diatomaceous earth for your home. Different countries differ on the places where the earth is sold. With the current digital marketing platforms, you can even place an order and get a delivery of your own product. Such platforms include the amazon among others.

Another platform is the Walmart. This is an online market that also offers a variety of brands of the diatomaceous earth. They have their own brands at different prices. It offers you a chance to choose and settle on the brand that suites you.[4]

The different stores that sell this product also get their merchandise based on their manufacturers who have different specifications and qualities.

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